No mission is possible without your partnership. You are helping us support our outreach programs such as providing humanitarian assistance, ministry and evangelical services and our projects in the local community. Thank you for the partnership!

We aim to extend our reach far and beyond. We feel that you want to help those who are in need by providing food and water for those who are hungry and thirsty, shelter for the homeless, medicines for the sick, comfort for the abused, offended, and wounded. We are enjoined with you in this endeavor.

We see tragedies happening around the world; people lose their livelihood, their families and lose hope and their faith in God. We want them to embrace and experience the peace we feel with our faith in Christ Jesus so that more people can find solace and feel safe in the arms of our Saviour.

We want to continue what we have been doing and we need your support. Even the smallest amount will be very much appreciated. It needs no great amount of money to let others feel they are thought of, cared for and loved. What matters is that your donations come from the heart.

We are here to spread the Good News and to touch lives. Spiritual healing must be shared throughout the world. We truly thank you for the unwavering support and prayers to make this ministry a reality. Thank you for sharing what you can to help us improve lives and restore relationships.