Prayer Request

Believe in the Power of Prayer.
Some people might be used to praying alone intimately or prefer the solitary feeling it gives. Truly, the Bible says a righteous person’s prayer is powerful and effective. Yet when two or more people agree together in prayer, something more extraordinary can be expected. In Matthew 18: 19, Jesus said, “If any two of you do agree on touching any matter on this earth, done it will be.” This can also be applied in praying collectively.

When we pray with other people having the same intent, it gives us deeper feeling of belonging, of far greater purpose. It boosts our morale as we leave the prayer event even if we felt differently in the beginning. It opens our hearts to the needs of people around us reminding us that we can be their source of strength. Lifting each other in prayer is one of the enriching and humbling experiences we can have as Christians.

We encourage you to submit your prayer request to or fill out the form below and proclaim that God will work wonders in your life as we pray together for your heart’s desire. Let us believe that everything will work out perfectly in His time.
Alternatively, you can call the following number with your prayer request: +442032914104 (ext 1)