Sow a Seed

There is fulfillment in Giving. In Matthew Chapter 25: 40, Jesus tells us “I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of my brothers and sisters, you also did it for me”.

Have you given something to someone in need? And have you sought help or assistance from someone? What did you feel? God blesses a cheerful giver. Little acts of kindness such as helping an old woman cross the street is a great witness that Christ is on us and we live by His example. Indeed, it is always better to give than to receive. We just cannot explain the wonderful feeling of fulfillment.

No act of kindness goes unnoticed by God. Kindness reaps more kindness. Giving reaps more taking for the giver when harvest time comes. God graces us by multiplying the blessings He gives us in timely fashion.

Donating to help share and spread the Bible is another way of showing we understand and support God’s Words about giving. Remember, when a man freely gives, he gains even more; while another who unduly withholds, meets poverty. By merely contributing to this advocacy, you can help us attain our ultimate goal – to preach the Words of God – continually and globally.

We encourage you, dear brothers and sisters, to donate any amount you can give now. Little amounts matter in its entirety. Your assistance can sustain our needs and expenses while serving Christianity and mankind.

The Bible teaches us not to leave for tomorrow what we can do today. Acting today means we can also act on our mission immediately. No need to wait for perfect timing to help. The perfect time for your assistance is NOW.