We firmly believe in the power of joining hands to meet our mission, vision, ministry and humanitarian assistance goals. It is our mission to spread the Words of God, to bring the Good News of Salvation, to evangelize the unbelievers, to walk through every step of the way those who already believe but faltering in their faith.

Our Vision
Our vision is to see the whole world claiming Jesus Christ as the Savior, healer, father, brother, and the rock that people can count on in times of trouble, in times of need, in times of sorrow; the most Holy One to thank for in times of prosperity, of happiness, of occasions in our lives.

Our Partners
We minister all these endeavors with your help, prayers and financial assistance, dear brothers and sisters. We affirm your commitment to be with us, high tide or low tide. We believe your partnership plays a very important role in making all these happen.

Our Core Values
We commit ourselves:

To the Glory of the Holy Trinity
We strongly uphold the divinity of The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit in thoughts, in words and in our deeds.

To the Authority of the Bible
We adhere to what the Bible says, what it tells us to do. It is our Doctrine for every aspect of our life. We base our decisions in His Words alone.

To Christ-Centered Living
We guide believers that Christ is all-efficient and all-sufficient for us all. We guide non-believers to believe in our faith by being the models of what we preach. We practice what we preach. We lead by example.

To the Church
We love our Church as this is the foundation of our faith. We want to build transformational churches to reach out to people regardless of their race, beliefs, cultures, faith, and nurture every life that we touch, every community that engages with our mission.

To the Lost and Bewildered People
We allocate our resources and energy to seek those who are lost, confused, battered and wounded in their emotional being. We want to teach them and grow to maturity, eventually to devotion to our Lord Jesus Christ. We want them to realize that a lost sheep always a home to go to.

To Our Missions
We give priority to nurturing Christians and evangelicalism of non-believers of Christ. We want to bring them closer to our Church and its foundation – the Bible.

To its Leadership
We purposely discover, prepare and delegate godly leaders, not just pastors and ministers but also other church workers and lay leaders. We empower them with enough knowledge and wisdom of what we fight for and live through this very purpose.

To our Stewardship and Social Responsibility
Biblical justice is what we uphold. We firmly believe that all our resources are provided by God in various ways. We utilize these resources with integrity, wisdom, accountability and to its maximum effectiveness. Our services are done with compassion, empathy and humility. We develop strategic steps and policies to being the ministers to the poor and oppressed while encouraging and strengthening marriages and families.

To Prayer
We put pray before any action.